Ok, so the kids at my school keep changing the backgrounds in the computer lab:



So I put this as one of the backgrounds


Yesterday, I found that someone changed my background to something soccer related, so just to mess around with them, I put this


Today, I looked at all the computers around me, plus my computer and




You children…………..


You are playing a dangerous game.

You are the best kind of teacher

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To any spectator, this may just look like a group of runners from different schools competing against each other for places or medals. Passing each other in an attempt to demoralize the rest.

But that is not the case at all.

It’s a pack of people who share a common goal in a sport that they love.

It’s a pack of people who trust that they will put each other to the test and push beyond their limits.

It’s a pack of people who are willing to put in all the chips for not just themselves but for everyone around them to work hard for that sense of accomplishment at the end.

It’s a special bond that forms when you run in a pack unlike any other.

The gun goes off and suddenly…you’re among family.

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