I do not want to live the rest of my life without you. - Fireproof (2008)

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“Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal.”

~ Martin Luther King Jr.

Oh my..

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the autumnal colour spectrum

(photos by rob herr, richard shilling, ryan connors, evie jaye, mr. dale)

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I recognized these pictures as soon as I saw them. accidentalocean dude, your pictures have 90,000+ notes. This is so cool.

Crazy. Hard to believe over 90,000 people have appreciated my photographs. I think another trip to Yosemite is in order for me soon. This time in the fall and hopefully with an Xpan in hand :)

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It’s amazing how he says, “There is no flaw in you,” rather than “There is no flaw on you”. That’s love. Real love sees deeper than the outward appearance of a person. We should look at ourselves the way Jesus looks at us.